asmus tietchens – fahl

Asmus Tietchens - Fahl - coverThere’s an implicit analytical pursuit over listening, a way of tuning the ear in order to make it able to explore the exact possibilities of the microsonic in the relationships exposed into the macro forms as such. Asmus Tietchens clearly dominates the art of distributing the right elements in the right moments, creating webs of of sonic inter-connections that speak in a pluralistic development of object resonances and intricate spaces, hence opening time in order to reflect subtle states of listening, translated into deep reaches in terms of the analysis of the sonic-silent form dialectic. The ear evolves and recognizes the details of the acousmatic tissues, extending the capacity of perceiving the micro forms of reality by offering silent contemplation and delicateness, linked to a deep audible analysis. Fahl is ultimately a timeless set of sound structures that reflect an unimaginable, yet somehow possible, listening experience. (f901)