(Consumer Waste 2013)

Review by Patrick Farmer

An admirable display of discipline
– Canto 1. The most beautiful clock I’ve ever heard.

in which one can almost hear Hennies’ teeth clench,
– Canto 2. Like a cold cup of coffee and a slice of watermelon. 

behind which, one can almost see the speechless King of Denmark,
– Canto 3. I stop listening and wait for a curve.  

the mercurial and singular figure sat on stage, under the prospering wings of flowers,
– Canto 4. A bright complexion, a Polaroid of difficult decision and chemical process.

flourish is the evolving shimmer as he drops inflorescence architecture onto the bars below,
– Canto 5. The hunched and intense craft of eyes that never blink.

flourish is Hennies’ work getting even lighter.
– Canto 6. Everything heads straight up. 


[Nick Hennies; photo courtesy of L’innomable]

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