Load (Abandoned)SIGNE LIDEN
(Touch Radio 2011)

Touch recently published through Touch Radio Load the first label release of Signe Liden  a young sound artist with an interest on installations and performances whose work deals with the resonance of places and objects.

Load merges formal elements of electro-acoustic music and elements of the phonographic work and this seems to occur as a consequence of certain acoustic considerations towards the need of a uniform and malleable sonority that allows for the creational emphasis to occur in the compositional level where Load is very strong at; Load‘s narrative is fluent but also fragmented like some sort of perceptual “still journey” where change constantly overlaps motion and phenomena prevails over matter.

In Load, Abandonment functions as the subject and object of the piece; Signe Liden’s background as installation artist helps giving relevance to the thematic element by dealing with it in a formal and conceptual aspect when she captures sounds in abandoned places and records the sounds of abandoned objects. By doing that she is giving symbolical and poetical content to the stock material she will use and her method proves to be successful as the poetry invites and allows the listener to inhabit the notion of abandonment regarded and dealt with by the artist.

-Alan Smithee

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