Vacío retórico. DAVID VELEZ
(Audio Gourmet 2010)

Quest heavy and formidable.., ..a subterranean rumble of wind conquered by solid movement giving rise to a crackling with slightly hesitating dragging… We enter a passage. Like a hole being dug into a great hillside, there are birds & perhaps insects.. a soupy liquid gurgle underneath the unending scraping and dragging.

Subtle rattle and banging from the side what sounds like the aluminum of a fishing-boat. Panning from one side to the next and fades… this, this is an atmosphere likened to a microscopic scene of insects building and cleaning a forest floor; the occasional human interference causing a small scurry, but its back to work.

Alien, if not for the chirping & cooing of distant birds, the second track begins as an equal yet a slowly wavering hiss parades atop the reminiscent noise-floor heard in the first. This is less abstract and ads to an almost grinding gesture preceded by vacuous background pounding. “Things” patiently wattle between the ears as a mid-range hum lightens the mood and introduces the neighboring jungle… slowness approaches and the gurgling reawakens, its back on the waters as we edge our way through into more uncharted territories.

To be honest, this is one of my favorite pieces by the artist. ..And has definitely climbed diligently into my top 5 of story-board structured field recordings. The atmosphere alone is what makes these two pieces so damn inviting. It remains challenging and yet listenable at any volume, headphones or not.. just quality work through and through.

-Cordell Klier

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