The Field Reporter Radio #2 “Kone ja sielu”
piece composed by Jukka Vakkinen-Kannonen

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Jukka Vakkinne-Kannonen visited a series of factories in rural areas near Tampere, Finland to capture sounds from machines and industrial processes in a natural environment. He made a brief montage with them leaving them untreated and sent us the piece “Kone ja sielu” (machines and soul) to us for our second radio show.

These are two sentences that Jukka choose to articulate with this work and with his interest with the sounds from machines and factories.

“People who record birdsong generally do it very early, before six o’clock, if they can. Soon after that, the invasion of distant noise in most woodland becomes too constant and too loud.”
-Richard Adams from Watership Down

“…technology wasn’t invented by us humans. Rather the other way around. As anthropologists and biologists admit, even the simplest life forms, infusoria (tiny algae synthesized by light at the edges of tidepools a few million years ago) are already technical devices.”
-Jean Francois Lyotard from The Inhuman