2011 according to Edu Comelles: Netaudio and Soundscapes
by Edu Comelles

Edu Comelles is a young artist, manager of the label Audiotalaia. We asked him to make a list of works he found relevant from 2011 and instead he send us a summary of what he found relevant on 2011 in terms of the netaudio movement and the sonic landscape line of work. Since Edu, who is working in his Doctorate thesis project, is such a key figure on the netlabel field and Audiotalaia is such a relevant label on its line of work, we highly recommend following the links he posted.

Alan Smithee

Instead of presenting a list of albums I have decided to put together a series of projects, blogs, websites and ultimately releases that have captured my attention this last year. With this list I want to point out that aside from typical releases there are many projects that instead of being considered as finished oeuvres are workflows. Some of the projects mentioned here are on the list because of the outstanding quality of the work and because of the clever succession of elements on determinate workflow. Also there are a few mentions to the whole trajectory of various projects and the discovery of new emerging artists.

I also propose a new category which is the category “My favourite soundscape of the year”, the first prize of this category is the sound of Spanish protesters on May 2011 in Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia and many more cities.

Finally I point out a few releases that maybe they aren’t the best of the year but according to my Itunes “mostplayed- list” are on the top cells.

Netaudio projects and blogs

Project: Óscar Inzo – Discography. Not a mention to any specific piece but a mention to the whole work done so far.

Project: La Escucha Atenta / LEA Cuestonario – Juanjo Palacios. A recognition to the work done so far, and the initiative of creating the questionnaire and the responsibility of putting together a very interesting and complete blog about field recordings and phonography.

Project: Invisible Valley – Miguel Isaza. A recognition to this specific project as a well presented soundscape approach to a concrete area.

Project: Sons de Alvoco – Luís Antero. A recognition to this specific project as a well presented soundscape approach to a concrete area.

Blog: Procés – Raül Fuentes. A recognition to the trajectory of an intriguing and intimate portrait of everyday life.

Blog: The Field Reporter – Alan Smithee. A must-read blog about phonography, sound art and theory.

Project: David J Fonseca – Discography / Live Concerts. A recognition to the work by Seville artist David J Fonseca. I have listened him twice live this year, and I’m still amazed by the quality, freshness and consistency of its sound and compositions.

Blog: Acts Of Silence – David Nemeth. A recognition to the responsibility taken by David Nemeth putting together a blog that is basic to understand netaudio community and experimental music under CC licences.

Blog: Sounds Like Noise – Jaydea Lopez. A very interesting way to present a field recordings and a specific workflow based on sound.

Radio Podcast: Vía Límite: Meridiano Series – Jose Manuel Costa (RNE Radio Clásica). Series of summer episodes centred on soundscapism all over the world broadcasted at the National Radio Broadcast corporation (Spain). From 2th of July until 17th of september

Most Listened:

Trainishness. PHONIC PSYCHOMIMESIS (Impulsive Habitat)
Lithium. JUAN ANTONIO NIETO (Audiotalaia)
Nigul. CERVOL (Audiotalaia)
St Livres Binaural Documentary . DALLAS SIMPSON (Green Field Recordings)
Headsonica #1. EDWIN LO (Rabbit Travelogue Edition)
Young Lungs Against The Sea. HERZOG (self-release)

My favourite Soundscape of The Year:
The Streets of Spain – 15M Spanish Revolution
A recognition to a surprisingly new soundscape arose in Spain last May when the streets were occupied by protesters and everybody thought that we might be able to change things in this world.

– Edu Comelles