yann novak – snowfall

der006-largeSnow is perfect to explain the art of sound in the micro scale, a great analogy to the cloud-grain relationship not only present in the tool but in the nature of sound where grains are found in any sonic manifestation. Yann Novak’s latest work “Snowfall” is an accurate portrait of that, a work as always with him: delightful, unpredictable and immersive, leading one to realize the beauty of paying attention to a sonic sequence over time; listening how grain by grain and frequency by frequency, a continuum is created; as the inter-connection of delicate sounds, as an agora of sonic creatures only heard in the frontiers of inaudibility. As snow falling down, an avalanche of acute sonic fragments gathered for revealing a whole network of hidden universes able to reflect the dynamics of static and activate a state of isolation in the listener, who takes refugee from the massive flakes that silently drive the ear to abandonment.