yann novak + fabio perletta – liminality


Sound is a poetic way of cosmology, a direct sign of an implicated order. Embracing that without forgetting the random and ephemeral nature of sound, Novak and Perletta find a shared world; or more than a world, a state; more than shared, diverse, surprising. The piece is an open space, an experiment of transition and interaction between gentle tonal clouds, cautious drones and hi-frequency sparks of micro-activity, often located on the verge of extinction, but so present that get to a point where the listener not only meets with a certain atmosphere, but also is incited to complete continue it and get immersed in a sea that takes perception out of itself, thus offering infinite structures appear in just seconds, concluding a composition that is perhaps not for being, nor inhabitating, but for remaining suspended in a middle state, liminality; such a genuine and intense meditation into the finest states of listening. (der/f901)

Miguel Isaza M

Listener, speaker.