xumla – statix


Beneath the ocean of sound design is found Statix, a fantastic album by Xumla, who manages to create a diverse exploration of an unrivaled sonic panorama. Cushioned atmospheres, soft tones and serene structures mixed with the right amount of hypnotic rhythms. Arpeggios built as tunnels of fragmented pianos that lead to a diverse listening experience based in an self-referential system built of fractal melodies, cyclic cuts and a strange but very comforting ability to catch the ear with the right amount of sound. Microsonic landscapes extracting the soul of time by combining synthetic and organic territories in order to find extrapolated notions of exploratory listening that roam between mystery and tenderness; sound spirals drawn on a fragile search within the convergence of mind and sound, transcending the mere act of hearing in order to create an expedition to inner worlds. (Audiobulb)

Miguel Isaza M

Listener, speaker.