Wildlife Recording Sweden

Steve Whetman has published a great post on his blog about a Wildlife Recording Workshop he attended. conducted by Chris Watson, Jez Riley French and Piers Warren.

I love recording ambiences, wildlife, the wind, sea etc with as little noise pollution as possible for projects I work on and just because they are awesome to listen to.  After a short while of being outside recording, trying to remain as quiet as possible and not interfere with the environment around you, you enter a strange state of mind, your ears open up and your awareness of the space around you increases.  It’s like a weird, heightened recording zone.

In Autumn 2011 I went on a Wildeye Sound Recording course in Norfolk run by the fearless audio/wildlife trio of Piers WarrenChris Watson and Jez Riley French.  It was a great weekend but my appetite was whetted for more… what’s that? you mean, we can just record and listen back to stuff the entire time?  This is heaven!!!

So when they announced a recording course in Sweden for 5 days I jumped on it!

Including the fearless wildlife audio trio there were 24 recordists on the trip, some wildlife recordists, some audio folks from film, games and other media.  An amazing bunch of people, I’ve made some great friends out of it.

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