vend – wiel

wilAre they composing sound or silence? In order to establish such interesting experiences in terms of sonic space and field, a lot of silence is necessary, even in the way the stereo field is treated and changed, by the meticulous task of placing micro-sounds or creating a generative system able to develop different sets of interactions. Whatever method is used, there’s a point without real control, since a void is so present that one can not really find a fixed definition or cause for the sounds being heard. Their abstract forms evolve in scale temporarily to build an intent of object, some kind of linear and silent silhouette of audible form. It’s interesting also the fact that –inside the microsonic space-time– is hard to identify the source of the majority of the particles, facing a universe of uncertain and merged environments, not in the intention of saturation, but simplicity, talking basics in the acousmatic point of view listening. (line)

Miguel Isaza M

Listener, speaker.