various artists – [Q05]

zQ05-coverSculptural, cellular, molecular, atomic, subatomic, quantum. Detailed, extreme, complex, simple, minimal. Quark project strikes back with a new delivery of invisible particles programmed in time scales that graze the inaudible to create a magical mosaic of grains, a glamorous microsonic landscape. Drøp buils a sequence of atoms that start a conversation that leads to a rich droning texture, a habitat for families of exotic grains, opening room for Precocious Mouse, who bet on a repetitive miniature of rhythms and subtle tones, hypnotizing the ears and calling for a reconstitution of spatial balance. Phorm rises in a frenetic way, expelling an ethereal force of sonic fluids that triggers a new realm of listening, leaving the ears ready for the last act: Y.E.T, who deals with beautifully crafted noises, outlandish frequency sweeps and granular explosions, concluding an album that showcases a new frontier in the exploration of quantum audio. (F901)

Miguel Isaza M

Listener, speaker.