ueno – variations of weeds


Nature is fragmented, projecting reality in different scales of time, making it possible to relate with sounds in other realms; as ueno, who plays guitar in a microsonic land, pointing to subtle faculties of timbre, calling for the intimacy present in the universes found in granular territories: a new perceived scale, of micro-movement; where a fractal melody passes trough molecular arpeggios in the same way the cells of weeds naturally grow thereby defining structure, dynamism and balance. Sometimes hibernating, sometimes spinning in the metamorphosis wheel, each song exposes a listening process in which is possible to compress eternity in minuscule details and arrangements, merging synthetic and organic compounds in a singular conception of miniature architecture; an atmosphere placed beyond ordinary space-time perceptions; atomic, delivered as a fragile symphony of amoebic organisms. (ROOM40)

Miguel Isaza M

Listener, speaker.