tmymtur – 呼応

tmTales of minimalism, serene atmospheres, inexhaustible sources of tranquility. Quiet movements between +5000 layers of sound that are reduced or summed by a wonderful set of artists who processed the material in order to generate tonalities which despite of preserving a common axis along the different pieces, keep being unique and sublime on its own. 呼応 is a piece built as part of an exhibition dedicated to explore superposition and multi-layered sonic modeling, using from voices to ultrasounds, combining them in a masterful way where palaces of stillness are created; introspective portals capable of maintaining a single conversation inside a collaborative network. An album perfect for listening during those moments where something that puts you on a neutral place is what you need. Definitely a very special work where sound, on its apparent constance, breaks time in order to create new perceptive territories.

Miguel Isaza M

Listener, speaker.