thomas köner – tiento de las nieves

a0863610167_10Merged in the traces left by the inquisitions of listening, filled with a lush fragrance of moments frozen in time; static, facing senses anxious of their own thirst. Thomas Köner plays in the background front, directs the soundtrack of an eternal instant, located in the twilight of furtive memories that arise in each sound stroke, where pianos that are not pianos get slowly spread to the beat of a tiento that changes the climate of thoughts in an oscillation between remoteness and continuance. Thin microforms stream in the incessant tail of each flood of echoes while intense scans of noble resonances build dainty worlds and take them down instantly, as a monochrome mist that disappear into sublime harmony to achieve a composition that takes dissolution as its deepest faculty, thus creating a landscape for contemplating the embers of nowhere, coming from the traces left by the inquisitions of listening. (denovali)

Miguel Isaza M

Listener, speaker.