The Threat to Female Field-Recorders

Photo: Jana Winderen
Photo: Jana Winderen

Pitchfork has published an article by Lucy Jones where she explores if women practicing field recording are exposed to certain risks or vulnerability, determining what are the feelings and possibilities during recording situation in different environments.

“[…] I wondered whether this threat to women’s personal safety underpinned the male domination of nature writing and music-making rooted in field recordings. Both depend on being outdoors, alone. Was the comparatively low number of female musicians using nature as a compositional tool a result of feeling vulnerable in certain environments? Were female music-makers taking safety precautions in order to work that their male counterparts weren’t even aware of?”

The article features opinions by sound artists Jana WinderenClaudia MolitorChristina Vantzou and Ingrid Plum. You can read the full article at Pitchfork.


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