Sonic Postcards by ‘Architect of Sound’


What if when someone gives you a postcard of a certain place, you would be able to also listen to that spacetime spot? Many people is used to take pictures when traveling, in order to crystallize a memory, a feeling, an aesthetic impression, etc, but what about a field recording?

Not competing with the visual, the sonic snapshot of a certain event can be in many ways interesting to feature in a postcard and that is precisely the idea of Paul Hughes, an Ireland based “architect of sound” who has recently released a very nice series of postcards which, along with fine photographs from his travels, also include a QR code in the back which, when scanned using a smartphone, leads to Hughes’ Soundcloud page that features a field recording from the same place present in the image.

A simple yet effective and emotive idea which would be actually interesting to see more, as it is a way of linking the territory and memory through the sonic, visual and virtual in a interesting way, as he notes:

“I choose to record these specific locations and objects because i felt that these different recording subjects play an important role in each country. Whether the purpose be for nature, environmental, pleasure, study, research or movement (Past and Present) These five different recording subjects have been an essential part of the history, development and identity of each individual country. To this day and beyond they all still perform a vital role in their society especially within tourism. 

The detail of sound incorporated into each subject contains many different elements – architectural, environmental, landscape, mechanical, natural and public reaction.”

There have been released five postcards, which have been getting a positive feedback in local shops in North Ireland where these are being sold. More info about them can be found at architect of sound.

Miguel Isaza M

Listener, speaker.