The Field Reporter, Blog Focused on Reviews of Field Recording Based Music and Sound Works

The Field Reporter is a blog intended to publish exclusive reviews of works that involve the use of field recordings (raw or processed)  in their creative process; the reviews are written by artists, curators and label managers that are closely engaged with this line of work.

The team of writers is composed by:

  • Juan José Calarco (sound artist and staffer at Impulsive Habitat)
  • Daniel Crokaert (label manager at Mystery Sea, Unfathmoless)
  • Cordell Klier (sound artist)
  • Ennio Mazzon (sound artist and manager at Ripples)
  • Jez Riley French (sound artist)
  • Harry Towell (sound artist and manager at Audio Gourmet)
  • Jukka Vakkinen-Kannonen (sound artist)
  • David Velez (sound artist and staffer at Impulsive Habitat)
  • Simon Whetham (sound artist)
  • Chris Whitehead (sound artist)
  • James Wyness (sound artist)

Miguel Isaza M

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