steve roden – airforms

airformsReminiscence feels possible when the listening experience is lead to a point of elevation not in terms of the complex, but the simple. Between small noisy grains and and the repetition of their unique tonal allies, Steve Roden builds a subtle atmosphere capable of introducing the ears into a tasting of lightness, in the way it makes the body to be suspended by the music of a dream whose substance is built from the same material of infinity. Airforms is a high quality game of sound, created upon a slow, minimalist, and dedicate movement of audible elements. A job perfect for detention, allowing the stillness, requiring to follow the flow of sound as if it could submerge the mind on a swing of listening alternated between what sounds and what doesn’t. A fine dialogue of space, form and territories of memory, where sound is able to hear sound but can’t remember it, since, after all the discurse, sound only remember silences.

Miguel Isaza M

Listener, speaker.