steinbrüchel – parallel landscapes

12k2034_cd-visual.inddmicrosound is like weaving texture from its basic corpuscles, as steinbrüchel sonically (and visually) reveals in this beautiful fantasy, drawn in a meticulous way that “highlights a profundity to listening that only arrives with consideration and contemplation, moreover in time”, as Lawrence English writes in a nice essay that comes with the physical album. Each piece absorbs the listener using a rich set of soft melodies base on micro-tonalities offered along clouds of randomly overlapped grains, resulting in a delicate atmosphere of attentive listening which, as mr. English also suggests, confront us to “contemplate our own horizons of experience”. That is, the sonic signal sending us to an expanded setting that send us deeper into the sound, into a parallel landscape that shows variable timbres and tonal structures ready to suspend the mind and leave it astonished, floating in the unreachable depth of the ear. (12k)

Miguel Isaza M

Listener, speaker.