‘Sounds emergent: diverse ecologies’, New Issue of Soundscape: The Journal Of Acoustic Ecology

It’s great to know about a new issue of the classic Soundscape journal of acoustic ecology, published under the topic of ‘Sounds emergent: diverse ecologies’, in a renewed website that went online recently.

It can be downloaded at World Forum for Acoustic Ecology (PDF)


  • Editorial by Phylis Johnson, Editor-in-Chief
  • Report from WFAE President, by Eric Leonardson
  • Guest Editorial Sounds Emergent: Diverse Ecologies, by Jay Needham
  • Feature Articles HVAC, or Political Ecology as Facts of Pressure by Sarah Lewison
  • Earworms by Timothy Morton
  • Currently, Eight Hundred Landscapes by Todd Birdsong
  • Reviews Jordan Lacey’s book Sonic Rupture: A Practice-led Approach to Urban Soundscape Design by Scott Smallwood
  • Field Research Baby, It’s Cold Outside! by Paul G. Ratcliff
  • Memorial: Tribute to Jed Speare

Miguel Isaza M

Listener, speaker.