Sounding Spaces: sonic explorations and interventions

Sounding Spaces: sonic explorations and interventions, a 5 day workshop by John Grzinich held during Tsonami 2013, in Valparaiso Chile with Eamon Sprod, Andrés Rivera F, Guely Morató, Michel Poblete Montoya and Sebastian Vega.

While most of us have developed an ability to both listen to and navigate through the world around us, much of these senses operate at a semi-conscious level or are filtered out as “useless” information. This workshop explored, not only raising our awareness of the connections between sound and space, but also how we can creatively use sound to redefine our connection to space and actively shape our listening experience through creative collaboration. This process involved a continuous series of observations, discussion, structured exercises, improvisations and performative interventions, to work with sound in a way that reveals the inherent interconnected relationship between a given context and the actions that take place.

The aim of this workshop was not only to raise our awareness about sound and listening but to also develop a collaborative site-specific sound installation and/or performance based on the activities conducted during the workshop. Our tools were primarily the space in which we worked as well as ordinary found objects. The outcomes were presented as a special performance at the Sala Dispositivo in Valparaiso during the Tsonami festival 2013.

More info: John Grzinich | Audible Geographies | Tsonami

Miguel Isaza M

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