Sound Passages: Passaggi di Suono, Symposium @ IUAV

iuav symposium

New symposium to happen in November 16 at the The Architecture University of Venice (IUAV), with the participation of Enrico Coniglio (Galaverna, Archivio Italiano Paesaggi Sonori) and several CRiSAP speakers: Angus Carlyle, Cathy Lane (Co-directors), John Wynne (Reader), Ximena Alarcon (Research Fellow), Lisa Hall (Research Administrator) Iris Garrelfs (Associate Lecturer, Post-Doctoral Researcher), and PhD students John Kannenberg, Louise Marshall, Artur M Vidal and Matt Parker.

Sound moves: it drifts and coalesces, it is reflected and it is absorbed, it shifts in meaning and register. And we are moved by sound, too: we are startled or seduced, sound orientates us or disorientates us. As part of a broader ‘sensory turn’, sound is becoming the focus of investigations into our experiences of place and space. In “Sound Passages: Passages of Sound”, researchers will present different approaches to sound – as a map, as a junction between perceptual fields, as trigger for memory and imagination, as abstract and quotidian, as material for composition and installation, as a way in which we are located and dislocated in the contemporary.
Curated by: Nicola Di Croce, Scuola di dottorato Iuav
 More info at CRiSAP / IUAV