Simon Whetham Interview

Fifteen Questions has published a nice interview with my good friend Simon Whetham, a great sound artist working mainly with field recordings.

For part-time Bristol resident Simon Whetham, location is vital to the creative process and as a launching point in composition but when it comes to the finished result, where the sound comes from is unimportant. Whetham instead wants the significance of sonic identity to fall away for the listener who should build their own story. Sonic provenance dissipates under layers of interpretation in Whetham’s compositions, taking the listener on a journey with few barriers. Since his Icelandic awakening, Whetham continues on his own journey all over the world. Since 2005 he’s been connecting with a global community of musicians and sound artists creating music and projects across a variety of media and mediums. Along with leading workshops for deep listening and field recording, Whetham continues to raise awareness for the under-appreciate sounds in the world with his unique compositions.

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Miguel Isaza M

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