Silence: Lectures and Writings

John Cage

From the cover: “Silence by which John Cage means unintended, indeterminate noise…in written pages as "white paintings” of the mind–anectdotes of Schonberg and Suzuki- celebrations of Sate, Carese, Rauschenberg, private friends, mushrooms-and words and spaces on Meister Eckhardt-Zen-Dada-the RandomChaos-composition by hexagram, coin-tossing, paper fly specks-composition for prepared piano, magnetic tape, Happenings-Silence heard as the 13th tone-music as space-time transformation (bounded notes becoming unpredictable timesequences)-the indeterminancy of modern science-the one-in-allinorder-in-chaos and the (musical) rest in (Cagian) silence. Perhaps more than any other living composer, Cage holds up an auditory mirror of the sound of music around us….He has a validity that both disturbs and indicts.“ Saturday Review.”

Miguel Isaza M

Listener, speaker.