shuttle358 – frame

CS1265300-02A-BIGEvocation from the micro, greatness from the smallest, like a way of finding magnification in tiny fragments. Frame is an essential work, a mandatory listening of pretty exotic and open amalgams of sound that never get boring and doesn’t stop to surprise not only the ears but the spirit, the state of consciousness obtained in such impressive microsonic focus. Among grains and clouds falling down, intricate drones, subtle noises, clicks, and errors dance in order to give place to really fascinating compositional structures. An ode to the frame that when is put against a blank wall makes one “suddenly notice the the color, the patterns, the imperfections in the plaster. The frame is like a window of perception. It takes the wall outside time. The frame draws attention to what is within it – it magnifies it, you focus on it, it begins to symbolize the whole wall.” (12k). And that’s what you get: infinite universes in the contemplation of the minimum.