ryoko akama, bruno duplant & dominic lash – next to nothing

at79.inddWhat is what happens when we transfer sound? It is amazing to hear the exchange of languages and possibilities, how the sound composition is woven in time, real-time, in the passing of the figures, forms and directions which, with or without reason, are established (or at least appear) in our experience. In the case of “next to nothing”, three sound mediums converge in a deep partnership that is not limited to offer merely emitted sound, but also the implicit inaudible situation, where all three artists listen to themselves together, as if in the composition, in addition to the contexts, interests and means of each person, also take place the oblivion of each pair of ears, each one’s silence, each one’s place. They end up building a symphony of space, rather than just composed noises, thus meeting a series of singularities that intimately invades every corner of the listening framework. (another timbre)

Miguel Isaza M

Listener, speaker.