ryoji Ikeda – supersymmetry

“Artist Ryoji Ikeda has made a great impact worldwide with his installations and expressions using state-of-the-art electronic sounds ranging from the domain of microscopic and precise bit rate control to large-scaled projects in the public spaces. His new piece “supersymmetry,” the 3rd part of the YCAM commissioned work series, is an installation in where he approached the expression limits of data observation, which is his forte, as he explores quantum information theory and particle physics from an aesthetic viewpoint. In this work, he pursues overwhelmingly intensified expression via the studio spaces in YCAM. 

The “supersymmetry” is a new work conceived as an installation version of his performance work “superposition” (2012-) and as a platform to update the process and outcome of his forthcoming residence during 2014-15 at CERN in Geneva where is the largest center in the world for particle physics. It is a collaborative production between YCAM and Le lieu unique, scène nationale de Nantes with the support of the City of Nantes and the Ministry of Culture and Communication (France). Unveiled first in Japan, this installation will also be shown around the world.”


Miguel Isaza M

Listener, speaker.