ryoji ikeda – supercodex

scdxAlgorithms and nature have a lot in common. Data ends being a perfect way to showcase the vast multiplicity of life and sound is not far behind, being a wonderful analogy to the information processes, the poetic veil that is behind the extremes of vibratory activity. A bit of data is a bit of sound, a basic element of the cosmos and nowadays, to manipulate audio signals represents the act of dealing with sound and data at the same time, making it possible to listen to one in the same way it is for listening to the other, with that not only structuring the spectrality of the sounds but also playing with their time in ways that only an alchemist of micro-rhythms like Ryoji Ikeda is capable of articulate. His new album, supercodex, is an unforgettable third chapter in a series of explorations done by the artist between the world of sound and other fields such as quantum physics, information theories and mathematics.

Miguel Isaza M

Listener, speaker.