richard chartier & yann novak – undefined

far110An endless dance of minimalist textures are involved on this clean collaboration between two great artists for a work called “Undefined” published at Farmacia901, where a reduction and appropriation of the simple and almost imperceptible, leads to complex experiences not in terms of a rigid conceptual scaffolding but the contrary: a work designed over intuitive development from the listening and composing process itself. Every piece of sound gets mixed creating a special atmosphere where microsounds are not minimum, but vast and infinite. “Undefined” gets defined in the sense that the whole composition is dominated by a mental state that despite of varying slightly, creates a magnificent progression of thin frequencies, soft textures and special harmonies that open path to meditative and introspective experiences, highly suitable for stillness, elevation or just simple contemplation of the cosmos in its sonorous elegance.

Miguel Isaza M

Listener, speaker.