[STR 026] World Listening Day 2015 – H2O (Pt. IV)

[artwork photo by Fabio R. Lattuca]

1. Harry Sumner – East of Eden | I recorded three separate sections of a mountain stream which is located to the east of the Eden valley in Cumbria, U.K. The title comes from the geographical position of the recordings as well as the title of a book by John Steinbeck. He took the title from the Bible and is a reference to the story of two brothers. One of them is named Cain and he is exiled to the east of Eden, to a place called “The land of Nod”. The last name created a foreboding sensation in my mind and so the track follows this feeling. I imagined this land of exile to be icey and cold and Cain to be thoughtful and melancholic as he walked alone in the uninhabited land far from his family.

To make the track i played back the three recordings of the stream at different points a long the composition. Also, I used these recordings loaded in samplers to create musical elements such as atmospheric pads and bass which I improvised over the top of the original sounds.

2. Ruben García – Salobre | Piece based in original water recordings (fresh and salt water) made from 2005 to 2015 in several locations in Spain.

3. Architect of Sound – H2O Stricklands Glen (Strickies) |

4. Enrico Coniglio – 8 yrs later | The city of Venice is wholly permeated by the water. Its canals innervate the urban texture, as the network of the circulatory system makes our body vital. But Venice itself is surrounded by the waters of its lagoon.

Since its founding, Venice sinks deeper into the muddy ground upon which it was built. Recordings made using a Soundman OKM II Binaural microphone and Aquarian H2a hydrophones.

5. Tom Lane – Hidden Currents | This piece was created from recordings made using a D-series hydrophone made by Jez Riley French connected to a Zoom H2N audio recorder. The recordings are of the River Lee in Cork, Ireland. This is a version of a site-specific audio piece which was presented as part of the Cork Midsummer Festival in June 2015. The site-specific piece featured a recorded narration which guided listeners on a route following the underground rivers of the city. The musical notes heard in the piece are all derived from slowed down recordings of the river.

6. Senén Barreiro – La ornitomúsica y el agua | Esta pieza está construida con la base de la ornitomúsica, es decir son grabaciones reales de diferentes tipos sonoro del agua, tomados en diferentes lugares, Ribadavia, Vilalonga, Carballeda de Avia, entre Ourense y Pontevedra,Galicia.Mi técnica consiste en variar los sonidos del agua y aprovechar los pájaros para darle riqueza sonora a la pieza.

Poseo 5 CDs y me dedico desde hace 12 años a la ornitomúsica,esta pieza está construida para sonicterrain como regalo.

7. Chakky Kato – Sounds from Water Typing Organ |

8. Tomas Senkyrik – Schwarzawa | Schwarzawa it is a czech river. The sound for this piece was recorded in Vojkovice in millrace area, this spring. The millrace was build in Österreich Ungarn period. The name of the river Schwarzawa was taken in history from it’s colour. Because the colour of the river is black. A dark atmosphere of the river was the inspiration for my piece. GPS of this place: 49.054215, 16.607692 / Equipment: DPA 4060 microphones and JRF hydrophones, Fostex FR 2

9. Simon Serc – Raintrap | Isomorphic resonance of discontinuously heterophonic rainwater modulations.

10. Paul Michael Browne – Disappear | Compilation of raw and manipulated field recordings containing domestic and industrial sounds based around the theme water, put together specifically for WLD 2015.

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