[STR 024] World Listening Day 2015 – H2O (Pt. II)

[artwork photo by Marta Amaro]

1. Montserrat Rodríguez aka nyx10110 – I take a dip | The composition is based on four field recordings taken with a GoPro camera, in May and July 2015, on a beach in the Costa Brava (Catalonia)…

This is the sound of seawater while I take a dip. I feel the breeze. I hear the waves hitting me over and over again… And again. When the wave breaks the sound is dry, off. A short bath… Some snorkel … I quickly immerse in water. This is the sound of breathing underwater. In the salt water sound travels fast, I think something metal… I believe hear things from afar. More dives… And more. The surface and the sea floor, my body, camera, layers forming the water … Reflection and refraction… I’m like a buoy that collects data… Game and think.

2. Fabio R. Lattuca – Orecchie sotto l’acqua | “Orecchie sotto l’acqua” is an imaginary journey from the land till under the water. From a quiet small beach in Sicily to a dip in a summer hot sea. In this composition, i try to represent what the ears listen when we swim under the thin line that divid the earth by the sea.

3. Alessandro Raeli – Sorgente Scura | Composed using different kind of water sounds, processed or not by variation of pitch, time stretching, filtering, distortion, etc. The sounds are taken from different environment, from domestic sources to the Adriatic Sea. “Sorgente Scura” it’s Italian for “Dark Wellspring”

4. Jeremy Hegge – The Aquatic Ecology of Toolooma Dam in Heathcote National Park, NSW, Australia | Water not only provides an abundance of sounds and melodies, but it can also create an abundance of life. These are the sounds of Toolooma Dam in the middle Winter, when even the Sub-tropics gets cool, the rushing and gurgling of the dam as it flows out of the basin, the creeks it feeds, the absence of insects, the habitat it provides for a vast amount of amphibians, and the reflections of the forest. Although created by man to serves man’s purpose, it is still home and a source of life to many creatures that live in the habitat’s surrounding it. None of the sounds that you hear would be possible without water.

Recorded on the 15th of July, 2015 at Toolooma Lake (or more correctly, Toolooma Dam) in Heathcote National Park.

5. David Rogers – Dungeness Shoreline | Recorded using a zoom H4N, rode NTG2 shotgun and a pair of contact mics.

Dungeness in Kent UK is a unique landscape overshadowed by Dungeness nuclear power station. Being one one of the largest expanses of shingle in Europe Dungeness is classified as Britain’s only desert.

6. GRISperu – El agua que vive en mi hogar |

The sound research group of Peru. (GRISPeru), made six sound art compositions called: Water who live in my home. This proposal seeks to raise awareness about the presence of water in our daily lives, ignoring the rigid idea that water is only natural areas, and possibly in our homes where we feel and experience the presence of water greater impact on our lives, whether in personal care or daily diet.

According to the Global Water Partnership (GWP) Peru is in the 8th place of the countries with largest amount of fresh water in the world. Lima is one of the cities where this resource is wasted as the average water use per capita in the world’s capitals is 150 liters of water a day, in Lima each citizen spends 250 liters a day. With good use of the resource’s 2500 Peruvian each household would benefit not to waste water.

The water that lives in my home, the water sounds in my home. We understand water as an asset, cyclic, resonant vibrational living, one of the fundamental elements for life. GRISPerú equipment, records, decomposes, transforms, composes and performs water that lives with us.

7. Martina Testen – Droplets | “In one drop of water are found all the secrets of the oceans.”

8. Xareni Lizárraga Gómez – Panorama H2o/México | This soundscape is created using the found sounds of an acoustic environment, oceans and lagoons of different locations around México, more exactly Baja California Sea of Cortez and Veracruz lagoons. It’s important to mention how the different location five us a feeling or emotion through sounds, deeply you can hear some insects and bids from Catemago lagoon in Veracruz.

9. Manuel Calurano – One-year cycle 4 (lat 40.147925; long -3.096848) | A composition based on hydrophone recordings made on a stretch of the Tajo River in Madrid. The raw materials have been collected at noon over the course of a year witch runs from late autumn 2013 to autumn 2014. This recordings has been sequencied following a chronological order with the intention of revealing the sound transitory variations in a specific location during a significant cycle in nature, a year.

10. Chinowski Garachana – Drone Beach | All begins with a relaxed and tranquil day at the beach of Benajarafe, placed at Mediterranean sea which gets interrupted by the apparition of a boats and a commercial airplane. The result is Drone Beach.

11. Kivitog – Ur | From ancient Euskera (Basque Country Language) UR is Water. The track it was created only with waters field recordings made in Euskadi. The originary sounds were taken and processed with Reaktor ensembles, Max4Live devices and native Ableton plugins, totally without other sources of sound.

The track would be a tribute to the power of nature and its beauty, and specifically in its beautiful form it takes in the Basque Country. A sort of tribute to mother nature.

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