[STR 005] WLD 2013 – Machine

Industrial soundscapes, blended with all kind of elements and into all kind of places. Field recordings of machine activity into human everyday life, gathered for celebrating World Listening Day 2013, including recordings from different points of the world, such as Spain, England, Japan, USA, Turkey and Taiwan.

  1. Chinowski Garachana – Feria Del Palo (Malaga, Andalucia, Spain) – “Machines and children screaming”
  2. Wu Tsancheng – Urban Mobility Way (Taipei, Taiwan) “Chiayi Station,Chiayi  > Chiang Kai-Shek Memorial Hall Station,Taipei  > Taipei Main Station,Taipei  > Formosa Boulevard Station, Kaohsiung > Taipei Metro Brown Line  > Ruifang Station, New Taipei City > Keelung Station, Keelung > Shulin District ,New Taipei City”
  3. Maria Papadomanolaki – From The Sound Of It (London, England) – “Recorded on the 18th of July 2013 beneath the flyover next to Angel Road, London Borough of Enfield.”
  4. Daniel Gonzalez – Naval vs Playa (Galicia, Spain) – “Recorded in a place in Galicia in a soundscape which mixes the naval work with people enjoying a summer afternoon.
  5. Hrishikesh Dani – Ukiyo Eki (The Floating Station) – (Shinkansen/Tokio, Japan) “Japan is a wonderful country with a great balance between its cultural heritage and technological development. During my 3-month stay in Japan, I was very much fascinated by the Transport system.. especially, the trains. The world famous high-speed bullet train “Shinkansen” was pioneered in Japan. I recorded plenty of interior and outdoor sounds of Shinkansen and Tokyo city trains… including passbys from various perspectives and locations such as platform, outdoor, tunnel and overhead (under the bridge perspective). Also the train station sounds themselves are so unique sounding. Lots of soothing beeps and electronic tones can be heard blended well with equally sweet sounding announcements on the tannoy speakers. The crowd sound is mostly sparse but sometimes dense when dominated by young japanese students chattering. In this piece, I have tried to keep the listeners perspective as a a free roaming agent and let it take its on flow as if a feather floating by the turbulence of air at the train station due to the activity at this fictitious station called Ukiyo Eki.”
  6. David Nichols – Race Ambience (Wisconsin, USA) – “I recorded this last year at Road America, a race track in Elkhart Lake, Wisconsin, USA. This was during an American LeMans practice session, and was at a part of the track covered in wooded areas between two directions of the track such that if listened to in surround you would have heard cars from all directions. Unfortunately I can’t afford a surround recording rig, but even in stereo it’s pretty neat. For me, I find the distant screams of cars contrasted against the slow rustling of the trees very peaceful.”
  7. Serkan Sevilgen – Istanbul Subway (Istambul, Turkey) – Field recordings of very musical turnstiles from Istanbul subway

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