[STR 003] WLD 2013 – Mixture

Mixtures of sounds, through composition or just simply recording in a right place, where all kind of sources meet, diverse environments get merged and fascinating amalgams of sounds are created. Seven different pieces grouped for celebration World Listening Day 2013 and recorded/composed in a wide variety of places around the world, including Spain, China, Ecuador, Poland, Colombia, Macedonia, and others.

  1. Adrián Gabriel Nucci – Plain Records
  2. David Escallon – Tejido (Medellin, Colombia) – “sounds creating sounds, creating the invisible, that ephemeral landscape for which we don’t use to stop and listen. Everyday sounds which carry the possibility of taking us to a place of our mind.”
  3. Yin Yi – WuZhen (ZheJiang, China) – “WuZhen is very famous water town in ZheJiang Province, China. The sound is about water and boat. The boats there are wooden and rowed by people. This work piece mixed the underwater sound when I took a boat, the underwater sound from different water place and sound of people repaired the boat.”
  4. Juanjo Ripalda – Mapa Sonoro De Guayaquil (Guayaquil, Ecuador) – “Composition based on the soundscape web project “Mapa Sonoro de Guayaquil” (link below). It features mostly binaural recordings of my home city of Guayaquil and soundwalks I made during the development of the project.”
  5. Yiorgis Sakellariou – Gdansk (Gdansk, Poland) – “In late June of 2013 I was artist-in-residency in Gdansk, Poland, invited to participate in the Sound Around Festival. During the ten days of the residency I recorded at several locations of the city. The piece is an audio montage of selected recordings for whichI used, among others, material from the industrial sounding shipyard, the ambience of the emblematic Bazylika Mariacka (St. Mary’s church) and the thuds of cars passing above a subway passage at Podwale highway. The piece is not – and can’t be – a representation of Gdansk’s soundscape but rather a reflection of my sonic memories of the city.”
  6. Miguel Isaza – Ilógico Zoológico (Medellin, Colombia) – Brief composition with recordings of birds from a zoo placed in the middle of the city, creating a portrait of the juxtaposition present in almost every place of Valle de Aburrá.
  7. Mise_en_scene – I Do Not Speak And I Do [Not] Speak
  8. Alan Dormer – From My Window (Skopje Old Town, Macedonia) – “The recording was made on the 10th of July 2013, in Skopje Old Town, Macedonia using a Zoom H4. It was made from the first floor of my guesthouse, with one of the Mosques heard, 40m directly in front of the inbuilt XY microphones at 120 degrees. The only processing made is slight EQing to try and recreate what was heard while listening. It should be noted that the distortion is coming from the PA system and not peaking on the recording. I find the recording interesting due to the way the sonic events seem to overlap, and fall in and out of focus, also the way in which toward the end of the recording, one single source, the rain, is sonically represented with such diversity due to its impact on different material such as the cobblestone paving, the gutters, and variety of roofing material.”

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