[STR 002] WLD 2013 – Nature

Recordings from various places around the world gathered for celebrating the World Listening Day 2013. All recordings feature nature elements, although you can also find other kind of sounds in there. The release is organized in a particular way to show you different changes of environment, species and experiences, including sounds from Costa Rica, China, Japan, Ireland, Rwanda, Guyana and Spain.

  1. Rick Blything – Tortuguero Trails (Costa Rica) – “This recording was captured late one evening around 10pm as I sat sheltering under a corrugated iron roof listening to the nighttime chorus. Tortuguero National Park, Costa Rica, November 2011”
  2. World Listener – Uguisu Dawn Nishizato (Shizuoka, Japan) – “Recorded on the 14 july in a small mountain village called Nishizato in the Shizuoka prefecture. Recording of a uguisu around 5 a.m.”
  3. Yin Yi – Cable Post (Beijing, China) – “I visited a small water town which is close to The Grand Canal this year (The Grand Canal, also known as the Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal, is the longest canal or artificial river in the world, and also a very famous place of tourist interest). And I found a deserted dock had many iron cable posts, they are useless now, but I can discover the sound from The Grand Canal by putting contact mic on it.”
  4. Artificial Memory Trace – Frogborn Mininokt (Ireland) 
  5. Aurélie Lierman – Just Outside The Wombskin (Karisimbi volcano, Rwanda) – “An artistic reflection on the composer’s double identity, Belgian and Rwandan, inviting us into an intimate and introspective journey by evoking imaginary memories from her very early childhood years. All sounds heard are based on recent field recordings from Aurélie’s birthplace at the Karisimbi volcano in Rwanda. Since her real paper birth certificate is missing, this is Aurélie Lierman’s sonic birth certificate. ”just outside the wombskin” is dedicated to her fascinating and admirable centenarian Rwandan grandfather: Kanyoni Ladislas.”
  6. Enrique Maraver – Bosque De Tlalpan – (Ciudad de Mexico, Mexico) – “Actualmente este parque ecológico se encuentra al sur de la Ciudad de México, cada recorrido nos hace un llamado a respirar y sobre todo a sentir el entorno natural, lleno de esencia y vida, dentro la muy agitada Ciudad de México.”
  7. Montserrat Rodriguez – Listening To The Birds On The Terrace (Cataluña, Spain) – “Heard at sunrise on the terrace of the house with the sound of a small refrigerator background.”
  8. Rick Blything – Rupununi Rhythms (Guyana) – “This is a section derived from a longform recording captured between 8pm-11pm in the Rain Forests of Guyana, December 2012.”
  9. Artificial Memory Trace – Ringdawn Scramble (Ireland)
  10. World Listener – Dawn Siren Nishizato (Shizuoka, Japan) – “Recorded on the 14 july in a small mountain village called Nishizato in the Shizuoka prefecture, from a house close to the river at 6 a.m. . The siren heard in the recording used to be used to tell the farmers the time when watches weren’t common, according to “young” locals. Today is still in use but no one can explain why, perhaps for testing purposes. it also get use to gather the local volunteer fireman since in the valley don’t have a fire station.”

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