An installation by an artist who creates elaborate structures and new spatial experiences with light as his central medium. In QUARK, Eiji employs particles that appear like reflective dust, and are typically used in motion graphics. The installation consists of a site-specific structure in which these particles urgently swirl and most immediately compel a great sense of wonder and fascination. They further compel an array of associations to with infinitude and the cosmos. However, the artist is also concerned to probe relationships between art and science and the installation is technically accomplished, resulting from a variety of experiments to achieve the tornado-like movement of the reflective powder and effectively manipulate the environment of H Project Space at H Gallery Bangkok

The title of this installation references subatomic particles which are the smallest known units of matter. The basis of all in the world, they never occur alone and interact by means of  force. The name, quark, was taken by a physicist from James Joyce’s Finnegans Wake, where a punning on the name of the character King Mark provided inspiration. A further literary influence can be noted in the fact that the six types of known quarks are designated as ‘flavors’ and ‘colors’, and one of their titles is charm. These auras of scientific and literary interest shape exhibition Quark.

visuals by eiji sumi

sound by yu miyashita

Miguel Isaza M

Listener, speaker.