Periods and Waves: A Conference on Sound and History, Call for Papers

periods and waves

Stony Brook University is announcing a new conference on sound and history, co-organized by the department of music, department of philosophy and the school of health technology & management. Main speakers are Emma Dillon (Professor of Music, King’s College London), Stefan Helmreich (Professor of Anthropology, MIT), Alexander Rehding (Professor of Music, Harvard University) and Emily Thompson (Professor of History, Princeton University).

For the open call they welcome 30-minute papers, panels and workshops from researchers in different sound studies fields, covering (but not limited to) the following topics:

  • sound studies methodologies
  • theoretical, philosophical, and empirical limits of “sound studies”
  • sonic geographies
  • visual residues and inscriptions of past sound
  • histories of sonic technology
  • music as sound and/or sound as music
  • past understanding of the meaning and power of sound
  • historically oriented readings of the recent sonic past
  • sound and non-normative sensoria
  • sound, power, and race
  • digital sonic histories

More specific topics are also encouraged to be explored, such as aural cultures of wartime,, the acoustical life of musical venues, sonic technology and cultural conceptions of the human, sound and bodily movement, transduction, bells, the acousmatic, historically referential sound in postwar European urban planning, Baroque acoustic effects, sonic encounters in the New World and sonic signification in the polytextual motet.

Deadline for sending 250-300 word abstracts is December 31, 2015. For more details, please visit conference’s official site.