otto a totland – pinô

SP016_Cover.inddIt’s hard to find words for Pinô; a completely glorious encounter, to be listened softly, repeatedly, slowly, as it is full of audible wonders hidden in the trails of time. The work is a theatre of subtle details that inhabit the seemingly simple sound forms, here as slightly piano points drawn as ethereal structures, havens of listening in all splendour, exposing the texture-space contract in the form of micro-stories that are glued on listening, in-between melodies, actually finding their way somewhere between room noises, key strokes, birds passing over the sequences, or extended note tails, create all together the illusion of an intimate space, leading the composer to be not in charge of resonances, but atmospheres in which the dichotomy of the tangible is dissolved, creating a listening environment that sounds as intuitive as ineffable, as nostalgic as beautiful. It’s a sublime place, a silent feeling. It’s hard to find words for Pinô. (sonic pieces)

Miguel Isaza M

Listener, speaker.