Nicolas Bernier – frequencies (a / oscillation)

Sound artist Nicolas Bernier has created a new piece for his frequencies series, dedicated to explore different aspects of vibration into sound and light processes around the electro-mechanical intersection. In his latter sculpture he adds a new element to the group: a laser beam which traces a waveform on a wall based on the movement of a motor-driven tuning fork.

“Usually associated with electronic and digital visualization, the waveform generated in frequencies (a / oscillation) is completely analogue: it shows the direct motion of the tuning fork by using the y axis (amplitude) activated by a solenoid combined by the x axis (time) generated by a step-motor. Thanks to the retinal stain, our perception will enable the visualization of the movement traced the laser. The installation is drawing from the experiments of 19th century physicist Jules Lissajous who first discovered this method for visualizing sound.”