nicolas bernier – frequencies (a / fragments)

line_064-300x300Sound granulation tends to be evaluated mainly in terms of time. That aspect of the grain is essential, but the frequency dimension is equally important and a granular perspective of it, radically expands the way microsound is conceived. Nicolas Bernier’s “frequencies (a / fragments)” magnificently showcases that, making the spectrum to be dissected and reflected from its purity in order to setup a tonal network that is controlled in the relationship of digital and mechanical compositional/performing methods. It triggers a deep state of consciousness and an introspective experience traced between tension, calm and suspension, building its way as a mediation on the notion of frequency, an admirable and intelligent way of expressing the beauty that’s found in lines of sound listening. Fragile but endless geometry placed inside acoustic, cosmic, mental, solid, or ethereal spaces that actually are only one: the sonic.

Miguel Isaza M

Listener, speaker.