New TC 4032 Hydrophone from Sonar Surround

Sonar Surround has developed a new line of high-end hydrophones. Here is the official information and specifications:

The TC4032 general purpose hydrophone offers a high sensitivity, low noise and a flat frequency response over a wide frequency range.

The high sensitivity and acoustic characteristics makes TC4032 capable of producing absolute sound measurements and detecting even very weak signals at levels below “Sea State 0”.

The TC4032 incorporates an electrostatically shielded highly sensitive piezoelectric element connected to an integral low-noise 10dB preamplifier. The TC4032 preamplifier is capable of driving long cables of more than 1.000 meters, and the preamplifier features an insert calibration facility.

Per default the amplifier is provided with differential output. The differential output is an advantage where long cables are used in an electrically noisy environment. For use in single ended mode: Use positive output pin together with GND.

Versions with different filter characteristics are available: 4032-1 5Hz to 120 kHz, 4032-2 1Hz to 120 kHz and 4032-5 100Hz to 120 kHz.


  • Usable Frequency range: 5Hz to120kHz
  • Linear Frequency range: 15Hz to 40kHz ±2dB | 10Hz to 80kHz ±2.5dB
  • Receiving Sensitivity: -170dB re 1V/mPa (-164dB with differential output)
  • Horizontal directivity: Omnidirectional ±2dB at 100kHz
  • Vertical directivity: 270° ±2dB at 15kHz
  • Operating depth: 600m
  • Survival depth: 700m
  • Operating temperature range: -2°C to +55°C
  • Storage temperature range: -30°C to +70°C
  • Weight in Air: 720g without cable
  • Preamplifier gain: 10dB
  • Max. output voltage: 3.5Vrms at 12VDC
  • Supply voltage: 12 to 24VDC
  • High pass filter: 7Hz -3dB
  • Quiescent supply current: ≤19mA at 12VDC | ≤22mA at 24VDC
  • Encapsulating material: Special formulated NBR
  • Housing material: Alu Bronze | AlCu10Ni5Fe4

Also, if you want to hear in action, Andreas Bick has published some examples on his blog (which we strongly recommend as a frequent read), and also compares the TC4032 with a DPA 8011.

Miguel Isaza M

Listener, speaker.