New STR Release: Fabio R. Lattuca – Amix_


We have a new release at Sonic Terrain: “Amix_”, by Italian artist Fabio R. Lattuca.

Amix_” is a phonography that puts in contrasts two aspects of the Sicilian soundscape. The recordings were tooken between the reserve of the Bomes  lake – 37 823 LAT, LON 13,820 – and the town of Caltavuturo into Madonie county.

The formal structure of the track is characterized by an initial phase in which the bio-phonic elements stand out of the park. Sounds of birds and bells of grazing animals are interrupted by the activity of hunting, an intrusive, cruel and illegal practice which is, unfortunately, still widespread. The shots of the guns interrupt, as bursts of sound, the balance of the area. Infiltrating between the spaces that nature still possess with fatigue. In the composition phase, the shots were, however, the modulating bridge – using a term borrowed from classical symphonies – that has allowed us to combine the various sound materials.

The second phase, in fact, tells one of the most important events of the life of the small Sicilian village: the feast of St. Lucia taking place on December 13th. The procession leads the way of the holy through the narrow streets of the Arab town, accompanied by the town band. The only interruptions are given by the voice of the parish priest and of a young woman who recites the prayers for the holy.

The end of the procession and the return home of the faithfuls, marks the end of the composition. The steps and the voices of women in the narrow streets accompany, so the listener towards the initial silence, like a cycle that is created every time.

LISTEN/DOWNLOAD: [STR021] Fabio R. Lattuca – Amix_

Miguel Isaza M

Listener, speaker.