Neumann Releases KMR 81D & DMI-2 Portable

Neumann has expanded its digital line to include a digital interfaced version of the popular KMR 81i shotgun microphone – KMR81D.

Neumann breaks new ground in the broadcasting world by introducing its new KMR 81 D digital shotgun microphone, designed to deliver stunning audio quality that complements the detailed visuals of HD and widescreen formats while, at $2,298 MSRP, being sensitive to broadcasters’ budgets. Suitable applications for the KMR 81 D include recordings for broadcasting/ENG, film and video productions, long-distance recordings requiring high directivity (such as nature recordings and sports games) and medium-length shotgun spot mic applications in noisy surroundings.

The KMR 81 D is equipped with the features of its non-digital counterpart — the successful KMR 81i —  that have made it a favorite of sound engineers in movie and documentary productions. Its digital advantages include an extended dynamic range, more robust operation and integrated peak limiters that prevent clipping. The settings for all functions can be recalled, set and stored in the microphone by using one of Neumann’s digital microphone interfaces making it extremely adaptable and flexible. Following are sound characteristics and features of the Neumann KMR 81 D:

  • Exceptionally transparent and high detailed sound transmission
  • Very low self-generated noise (9 dB-A) and high dynamic range (114 dB)
  • Handling of high sound pressure level (123 dB SPL/141 dB SPL with 18 dB pre-attenuation (RCS)
  • Integrated peak limiter/compressor/de-esser prevents overloads and/or clipping
  • Extremely light weight of just 3.2 oz., ideal for handheld and boom/fishpole operations
  • High lateral and back attenuation
  • 90-degree recording angle (independent from frequency)
Also released is the DMI-2 Portable two channel digital microphone interface specifically designed for ENG and field recording.

The DMI-2 Portable is ideal for ENG and other field recording applications such as creating professional-quality sound recordings for sport, film and documentary. It is also an ideal tool for journalists, camera operators, directors and producers.

The unit supports two digital microphones and allows adjustment of gain, pre-attenuation and low cut filter settings at the device. The front panel display shows the selected gain, current signal level and any gain reduction; microphone presets can be stored inside the DMI-2 portable and recalled for use in the field, making it extremely adaptable for different applications. Following are sound characteristics and features of the Neumann DMI-2 portable:

  • Offers direct access to GAIN, PAD and low-cut microphone settings
  • Stores up to 8 presets for all digital microphone parameters
  • Power supplied via DC 10-18 V or AC/DC converter
  • Integrated peak limiter prevents overloads and/or clipping
  • Includes (2) AES 42 inputs, (1) AES EBU output, word clock
  • Menu-driven control of the connected digital microphone via two push-switch rotary encoders with a data display (permitting the setting of microphone parameters like gain, pad and pre attenuation and the uploading of preset parameters)
Do you use any of the available digital interface microphones? It will be interesting to see how these products lines develop over time.