music box migrations (mechanised version)

Images of migrating birds are used like graphic scores and played through motor driven winding music boxes. At each point on the score where there is a bird – a note is played on the music box. The sounds are fed into the live audio engine called ‘i am the mighty jungulator’ designed and programmed by Matthew Olden. The jungulator transforms the sounds from the music boxes into a textural, shimmering sonic environment through generative processes designed to control delays, pitch shifts and granulation.

This video was recorded at the site specific outdoor show ‘For The Birds’ at the stunning Ynys-hir RSPB bird reserve, Mid Wales in October 2014. The show took place at night, with the music boxes positioned amongst trees and illuminated by small LED lights.

by kathy hinde and matthew olden

Miguel Isaza M

Listener, speaker.