Minute of Listening at Hull Primary Schools

Sound and Music in partnership with PRS for Music Foundation, have developed a special version of their Minute of Listening project for Hull (UK) Primary schools, following their core idea of interactively explore listening and music in educational processes.

“We are delighted to announce a special Minute of Listening sound collection for the New Music Biennial, developed in partnership with PRS for Music Foundation and as part of Hull UK City of Culture 2017.

To mark the beginning and end of the New Music Biennial, we are putting together two sound collections that explore and champion an eclectic mix of Hull sounds – from regional artists and locally sourced music to music written by New Music Biennial composers.

Made available to all primary schools in Hull free of charge, these soundpacksare the first collections of their kind, celebrating the breadth and innovation of contemporary music and sound as well as more familiar pieces.”

Minute of Listening

Miguel Isaza M

Listener, speaker.