ᴷ – lumi

a3071649254_10Granular situations that happen between long and massive structures of time can be shaped in a way that leads the listening act into suspension, letting the listener transcend gravity at least from his own stay in the universes of sound, those subtler than matter, transitory; linked to the body but extremely fragile compared to it. That’s what appears in Lumi, an impeccable sound work by russian-based ᴷ, who creates worlds of audible impermanence and utter astonishment. Sonic matter is here fluid, between drones, microsonic apparitions and atmospheres; translucent territories placed both as concrete and oneiric, perhaps because of being based in the fact of stretching sounds in time and space, making the listener to be so aware, so silent, that practically disappears in that world of sounds, but reborn in the ineffable situation, as an echo of a universe that is constantly  blinking in silence. (kamaldinov)

Miguel Isaza M

Listener, speaker.