London Structural Sound Project

Artist Florian Tuercke together with arebyte gallery intends to transform the area of Hackney Wick, East London and its surroundings, to one with the highest density of public microphones in the world. The project is participatory in its nature and invites the public to take a crucial part in its production through the distribution of the microphones thought out the vicinity of the gallery and in return offers an unheard experience of their local area and of the city of London in general.

The Microphones are given free of charge on first come first get basis or reserved as part of the crowd funding campaign.

The artist will assemble 300 mini-contact microphones which will be handed out to visitors of arebyte gallery to be installed in different locations in the vicinity of the gallery. The contact-microphones record sound-waves within solid materials and enable the listener to hear sounds which are normally inaudible to the human ear. Each microphone will be packed in a bag containing simple instructions and mounting material.

More info: London Structural Sound Project


Miguel Isaza M

Listener, speaker.