france jobin – valence

line_054-600x600The cosmos is delicate, exact and sound is a proof. You notice it when you listen carefully or when a sonic experience takes you out of your regular reality to a new perception of the real, which is what Valence, a sound work by artist France Jobin does, making sound to flow in such subtle ways, giving the feeling of being crafted in molecular environments. It is scientific but mystical, feels modern but ancient. Is a journey created between the arcane technology of listening and the current methods of recording/processing, building a theatre of atoms capable of creating wonderful microscopic structures of audio signals. The artist becomes a bridge between complexity and emptiness, putting the listener into a minimalist habitat created as a tribute to infinity. Pure tones, melodic particles and a constant reverberation of orbitals frequencies able to create a special state of mind where the only existing universe is sonic.

Miguel Isaza M

Listener, speaker.