Liquid Borders


Samson Young Kar-fai’s latest project is prompted by the government’s 2012 decision to gradually reduce the closed area near the Hong Kong-Shenzhen border by opening it to public access. Since then the sound artist has visited the formerly restricted zone eight times in an attempt to collect and archive sounds around the neighbourhood, as well as objects that separate the two cities. By attaching some contact microphones to record the vibration of the wired fencing, and using hydrophones to capture sounds of the Shenzhen River, Young captured a variety of abstract, low frequency recordings that he edited into sound compositions, which he then transcribed into graphical notations. His audiovisual exhibition features sound compositions and graphical notations alongside images from his field trips, and maps showing his trail and visiting dates.

More info: scmp | hyperallergic | am space (via musicofosund)

Miguel Isaza M

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