la chambre rouge

The room is red and the door open. There are traces of passage. Voices are sounding from outside while i am here. I’m turning, between memory and oblivion.

La Chambre Rouge is an installation that perceives, records, emits and transforms words gathered from here and there. It is a sensitive experience and an objet issued from the reflexion about the subjects of time, memory, forgetting and identity.

Words, extracts from interviews, are played and progressively erased by the device, to wich is also connected a microphone that records permanently , inviting an audience to share its presence.
By its fragmented appearence and the coexistence of two differents tapes’ loop that are recording the same exterior information, but reproducing them differently, the installation symbolically evoke the internal coexistence of different memories ( conscious, unconscious, corporal, emotionnal) and their different relation to time, alteration and oblivion.

by julien grosjean

Miguel Isaza M

Listener, speaker.